Ancient Cedar Trail

An eagle uses the negative energy of the storm to fly even higher- Eric Thomas

We hiked the Ancient Cedar Trail yesterday and while the big trees were very impressive, we had a show put on by a few eagles on the Bluffs Trail.

The number of times Tony yelled “Eagles, OH MY GOD!” : 5,629

The number of times Tony has asked “Where are the bears?” : 3,247

Happy 4th, everyone. Enjoy

Big Trees

3 thoughts on “Ancient Cedar Trail

  1. What? No Monkeys?
    Outstanding! What a way to start the Fourth of July! And by that I mean …………. in Canada!???

    Happy fourth to the two of you as well

  2. Loved, loved these pictures. What beautiful birds those bald eagles are….could tell you were taken with them by the number of pictures you took.
    Enjoy the Fourth of July in your breathtaking surroundings❤️

  3. Fun. Hiking and eagles and good weather. What more can you ask for.
    Life is good.

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